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411 Mold Expert specializes in conducting mold inspections and providing mold testing and mold removal services. We work both with commercial and residential customers.

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Mold usually quickly spreads in the areas that accumulate moisture. Oftentimes, mold is found in dark and warm areas. The reality is, dark and warm areas create the ideal conditions for mold to grow.
Mold can be found on different types of surfaces such as carpets and drywall. Mold can grow between floor boards and under tiles.
Mold is a serious problem that requires a fast and effective solution. However, there are the situations when it’s impossible to see mold with the naked eye.
An undetected mold problem can cause you a lot of stress and damage to homeowners. Thermal imaging inspection (also known as thermography) is often used for detecting a hidden mold problem.

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

At 411 Mold Expert, we specialize in different types of mold testing. Professionals can help you with visual observations, moisture measurements, air samples and other types of testing.

A thermal imaging is used by mold inspectors for detecting water damage in a house. It’s impossible to detect mold with a thermal imaging technology, but the camera allows inspectors to detect moisture as well as the damage that has been caused by moisture.
A thermal imaging camera provides a digital photo that combines infrared light and visual light together. Such a photo provides a view on the conditions that can contribute to the growth of mold in a building.
The job of an inspector is to analyse such a digital photo and detect hidden problems in your living environment.
What is great about thermal imaging technology is that it can detect temperature changes in objects. The camera shows cooler, warmer and hottest temperatures.
The information provided by a thermal imaging camera can be successfully used for preventing mold. The infrared home inspection will help an inspector detect water damage that has been caused to different areas of your house, including carpets, ceiling, floors and roofs.
Obviously, it takes moist areas some time to dry out. If moist areas are not ventilated properly, it will take them more time to dry out. So, you must be prepared to wait before to start cleaning and restoration. If you don’t do this, mold can return to your home after remediation.
Mold is caused by moisture damage. That means that it’s necessary to resolve moisture problems to get rid of mold and prevent it successfully. However, you need to detect moisture damage first. The help of the thermal imaging camera is immeasurable in the process of locating different types of moisture problems.
Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that thermal imaging technique provides inspectors with many great benefits. Infrared home inspection is performed via non-contact and non-invasive methods. An inspector will not cause any damage in your house when doing all the necessary checks.

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Mold testing plays a very important role in the mold prevention process. Testing gives specialists an understanding of how to control mold in the best possible way. With 411 Mold Expert, you can be sure that your house will be safe in the future.

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How Thermal Imaging is Used for Mold Control and Prevention?

The technology can be successfully used for detecting problems that may result in mold infestation. Thermal imaging plays a very important role in preventing mold.
Thermal imaging is used for detecting different types of problems in your house. Thermal inspection allows you to detect leaking roofs, poor ventilation, heat loss, water damage caused by flooding and plumbing problems, leaks and other types of moisture problems. The infrared home inspection makes it possible to detect hidden moisture in building’s walls. It’s widely known that these types of problems promote the growth of mold.
Thermal imaging can be used for post-mold remediation as well. As you probably know, it’s incredibly important to dry out building materials before getting started with reconstruction. Thermal imaging makes it possible to ensure that building materials are completely dry after flooding. This will help you stop mold from coming back to your house.

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411 Mold Expert is a full service mold inspection company. So, we can help you with any of your needs. Our specialists will help you get rid of mold and restore your property.
Our professionals have many years of experience in mold inspections, mold testing and mold remediation.
A certified mold inspector will come to your property, analyze your mold problem carefully and provide you with a free service estimate.
Unpleasant situations such as storm, flooding and fire can happen anytime. That’s why we are always ready to help our customers. You can take advantage of 24/7 emergency services to get the professional assistance anytime when you need it.

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