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Mold Inspection

411 Mold Expert specializes in conducting mold inspections and providing mold testing and mold removal services. We work both with commercial and residential customers.

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Mold can occur in businesses and houses for various reasons. Mold can be caused by water damage, water intrusion in roofs and walls, leaks, plumbing issues and high humidity levels.
Mold can be dangerous for people. Mold negatively affects health of people and can result in such problems as eye irritation, memory loss, runny nose, sore throat and many other problems. Mold is a big problem for those people, who suffer from asthma. And of course, you should aim to get rid of mold as soon as possible.
Let’s say that you see something that’s very similar to mold. However, it doesn’t mean that you have a mold problem. So, the question is – how to tell if there is mold in your house? It’s necessary to conduct a full house mold inspection in order to realize if you have a mold-related problem in your living environment or not.

The Mold Inspection Process

It’s crucial for you to know how a mold inspection is performed. In fact, there are three steps of a mold inspection. Now, let’s dig deeper into the house mold inspection process and try to figure out how it works.


Step 1

Let’s assume that you suspect that you have a mold problem in your house. Contact licensed mold inspectors and tell them about your thoughts. At 411 Mold Expert, we would be happy to have a phone talk with you, answer all of your questions and provide you with a free initial consultation.

Step 2

At the next stage, a mold inspection is scheduled. Our professional inspectors will arrive to you in time to analyze your mold problem visually and do all the necessary mold tests for your home. It’s worth noting that our professionals are highly trained in mold inspection and testing.

It all begins with a visual inspection. HVAC systems, air ducts and other areas of your house are tested for mold. The growth of mold, relative humidity, structural moisture and airborne particle concentrations are analyzed during a mold inspection.

Samples of the air or samples of a surface are analyzed during an inspection. If mold is visible, surface samples are taken. If mold is invisible, air samples in the areas of concerns are taken.


Step 3

After that, mold samples are submitted for lab analysis. It usually takes no longer than 24 hours to get a lab report with the results of mold inspection & testing. So, specialists will be able to make conclusions about your mold problem and develop a mold remediation plan that works for you.

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Mold testing plays a very important role in the mold prevention process. Testing gives specialists an understanding of how to control mold in the best possible way. With 411 Mold Expert, you can be sure that your house will be safe in the future.

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Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Mold Remediation Company

Mold testing and inspection services have to be provided by licensed mold inspectors. There are different mold inspection and testing methods such as mold thermal imaging (also known as infrared mold testing), indoor air quality testing, surface sampling, cavity air sampling, bulk sampling and others.
The main goal of mold inspection is to realize if there is a mold problem in your house or not, what kind of mold you have, how quickly mold grows, etc. This type of analysis makes it possible for professionals to develop an effective mold remediation plan and help you get rid of mold quickly and successfully.
House mold testing and removal is something that has to be taken very seriously. Mold remediation requires certain knowledge, skills as well as experience. That’s why it would be better to leave this important task to real professionals.

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Why Choose 411 Mold Expert

411 Mold Expert is a full service mold inspection company. So, we can help you with any of your needs. Our specialists will help you get rid of mold and restore your property.
Our professionals have many years of experience in mold inspections, mold testing and mold remediation.
A certified mold inspector will come to your property, analyze your mold problem carefully and provide you with a free service estimate.
Unpleasant situations such as storm, flooding and fire can happen anytime. That’s why we are always ready to help our customers. You can take advantage of 24/7 emergency services to get the professional assistance anytime when you need it.

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Monica M.

This review reflects the professionalism of Brett Mars.
The best I can sum this up is that I wish we would have had him as our inspector to our new home.

Rick J

These guys are great. Brett came out to my property and let me know EXACTLY what I was looking at. His expertise and the professionalism of the company made the process smooth and effective.

Emili M.

They have meet and exceeded my expectations every time they come out. They are positive, professional, punctual, trustworthy and they always deliver the completed report with details and pictures within 24 hours.