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Mold and Indoor Air Quality Testing

411 Mold Expert specializes in conducting mold inspections and providing mold testing and mold removal services. We work both with commercial and residential customers.

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Mold negatively affects the quality of indoor air and poses the risk to health of people. Mold is very dangerous for people, who suffer from asthma, respiratory diseases and allergies. It’s also important to note that mold can cause expensive damage to the building structure.

Why It’s So Important to Get Air Quality Test for Mold

At 411 Mold Expert, we specialize in different types of mold testing. Professionals can help you with visual observations, moisture measurements, air samples and other types of testing.

Mold successfully grows in the environments, where the temperature is approximately 40 – 100 degrees F and humidity level is more than 80%. Mold grows quickly in damp and wet environments. Mold needs food as well as moisture to grow.
Oftentimes, mold is invisible. Mold can hide inside the walls of your house. Such a situation requires special analysis. It’s necessary to perform an air quality testing mold inspection to test if there is mold in your house or not.
Mold and air quality professionals take an air sample to detect the hidden mold. An air quality mold inspection provides home owners with the detailed information on a mold problem.

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Mold testing plays a very important role in the mold prevention process. Testing gives specialists an understanding of how to control mold in the best possible way. With 411 Mold Expert, you can be sure that your house will be safe in the future.

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Mold Indoor Air Quality Testing Process

Mold and air quality testing is one of the ways to detect hidden mold in the building. Let’s try to dig deeper into this process and try to figure out how it works.
Mold is caused by water damage such as leaks, plumbing problems, etc. It all begins with a visual mold inspection. During such an inspection, mold professionals will do a visual investigation of a building and inspect your living environment for different types of moisture problems.
Mold experts will take all the necessary measurements in the building. They will measure temperature, humidity levels, carbon monoxide levels, volatile organic compounds as well as combustible gases. The air quality inside and outside the building is compared as well.
At the next stage, air samples are taken and sent to the laboratory.
After that, a laboratory analysis of air samples taken is performed.
When the results of a laboratory analysis are ready, mold professionals will provide homeowners with a report. The report of this type contains the detailed information on air quality testing mold inspection.

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Testing Air Quality after Mold Remediation

During an inspection, mold professionals will also analyse such things as musty odors, mold growth as well as the conditions that promote the growth of mold. All of this helps professionals come up with an effective solution to your mold problem.
If mold problem has been identified during the inspection, you need to get a problem solved as soon as possible.
It’s worth noting that mold is a serious problem that requires a professional solution. So, it would be better to leave this important task to real professionals, who know what they do.
If you choose to deal with 411 Mold Expert, you can be sure that our professionals will resolve your mold problem in a fast and effective way.
After mold has been removed, it’s necessary to get air quality test for mold done once again. This test after remediation needs to be done to see the efficiency of a mold treatment. If the treatment is effective, the test will show that there is no mold in your house anymore.
At 411 Mold Expert, we also take all the necessary preventive measures to stop mold from coming back. Mold problem can be caused by roof leaks, plumbing issues and other types of moisture problems. And of course, all these problems have to be fixed successfully.

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